Accessing mobile internet port from the other side of PepVPN link


Hi All,

I did a lot of reading of this forum and experimenting, but can’t figure this one out. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

I have a Balance One and a Balance 30 tied together using PepVPN (layer 3). The Pepvpn link is working fine. I can see devices at either end of the tunnel. The Balance One has a mobile internet connection (MIFI) as backup. The issue I have is that I cannot get to the MIFI admin page from the Balance 30 side. I can only access it from the Balance One side (where the MIFI is plugged into its USB port). Is there some routing information I am missing? Here’s the setup:

Balance One
WAN 1 - static IP address
MIFI -, which has its own DHCP server assigning to the Balance One
Untagged Lan
Guest Vlan (1) (assigned to one of the AP SSIDs as a guest network)

Balance 30
WAN 1 - Static IP address from ISP
WAN 2 - Static IP addres from ISP
WAN 3 - Dynamic IP address from DSL modem
Untagged LAN -

Inter VLAN routing is off on both Balance One and Balance 30, but enabling it does not help.

OSPF2 and RIP2 settings are the default.

The problem now is that from the Balance 30 network I cannot get to but from the network I can access just fine.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the help in advance!


I’ll answer my own question, with a BIG thanks to @MartinLangmaid who posted the solution here:

Add an outbound rule as follows, and voila, problem solved!