Accessing FTP site from behind a new Balance One

Moved a small network and replaced a Linksys Router with a Balance one.
Very basic set up Static and DHCP .
Now all users can reach an outside FTP site but cannot download from it. The site kicks them out. ANy Ideas?
FTP is not on same network.

Service passthrough support for FTP sessions is enabled by default with multi-WANs under: Network> Misc. Settings> Service Passthrough. You may need to define custom control ports if the FTP server is listening on a port other than TCP 21.

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Thought of that but I can access through my office network that also has a Peplink Balance One. Literally Identical set ups. Just different IP addresses. Same ISP

Is the WAN MTU size different for your office network?

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both at 1440

Are both Balance One units on the same firmware? Please open a support ticket with us here so we may investigate.

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They are both on Latest firmware.

Waiting on a response from FTP engineers as well