Accessibility of public IP Address when its ISP link is not available

Situation is I have 3 ISPs. Only ISP1 is providing static public IP address, and extra 2 more public IP addresses. So I have added 2x more static public addresses on additional Public IP address @ WAN1 interface.
Question is when ISP1 link service is down, can these public IP addresses still be accessed from internet while the two other ISP2 & ISP3 are still active???


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I don’t believe so. As you are getting those IP addresses from that ISP. We can look at it as if the ISP completely did not exist when the link goes down and therefor you would not be able to access the device via the public IP address.

If you receive a dynamic public IP address from either ISP2 or ISP3 you could use the Dynamic DNS function for inbound access.

Thanks Jarid. Just in case Peplink is able to advertise that public IP address to the other active WAN links since Peplink is holding those IP addresses i.e. when you manually add to the Additional Public IP address. Anyway thanks for clarifying.