Access WAN device with failed health check

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We ran into a practical issue which I was wondering can be solved. When health check is active on a specific WAN link the modem behind the WAN link is only accessible while the health check is OK. If the health check fails then the modem behind that port becomes unavailable as well. Is there a way to configure it so that at least modem is always accessible without having to disable health before being able to access the modem.


Sure. setup an outbound policy of ‘enforced’ type with a destination of the IP of the modem and the WAN in question.


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Should have thought of that.
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Hi All, I have been using this technique lately but in setting up a new Balance 30 Pro LTEA it does not seem to work. I tried both the most recent production firmware as well as the latest beta firmware. I cannot ping or access the GUI of a device that is directly connected to the WAN port the Balance from the Balance’s LAN. I’ve tried every combination of outbound policy I can do but as long as any other WAN port is online, the router will not send any traffic to the WAN port that has health check failed.

If I disable the other WAN ports it will work but that is not workable in the field. I need to be able to access the WAN device itself no matter the state of the other WAN ports. And I need health check to work so that the Outbound policy doesn’t try to send traffic through the WAN when the health check has failed.

Any ideas?

More info… Now I have discovered that it really depends on how you do failover…

I have been using Outbound Policy/Priority Rules to handle failover between 3 WANs. All 3 WANs’ being set to the same Priority in their configurations. In this configuration, the “Enforced” Outbound rule to access the device attached to the WAN port doesn’t work when any other WAN is online and being used.

I deleted the Outbound Policy failover rule and set the Priorities in the WAN port configurations. With this settings I can access the WAN device even when the health check fails and other WANs are in use. But it seems I no longer need the enforced rule for the WAN port at all.

I would like to have it work such that I can leave all WANs as the same Priority and use Outbound Policy Priorities to handle failover and failback but use enforce rules to ensure access to the WAN devices which are not in use at any particular time…

I have tried this with 8.1.1b5040 and 8.1.0b4943. Same results with both.

Okay, Another update. The behavior is different between different models of routers.

With a Balance One, with 3 WANs, I can use Outbound Policy for failover AND do the enforce rules for the WAN device management and it works.

With a Balance 30 Pro LTEA, 2 x WANs plus a Cellular WAN, it doesn’t work.

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