Access to VLANs from outside LAN via VPN

I have a Balance 20 on which I have one additional VLAN configured. Is there a way that I can set it up so that I can have access to devices on the additional VLAN via the PPTP VPN?



Hi Scott,

By right you should able to access devices in additional Vlan.

  1. Are you able to access any devices in untagged Vlan and ping to Untagged Vlan IP?

  2. Are you able to ping to additional Vlan IP?

Thanks for the response.

When I VPN in I am given an IP address from the DHCP pool of the untagged lan.

I can access and ping everything on the untagged lan, but I am unable to ping anything on the tagged VLAN.

Hi Scott,

I tested it is working fine. I suggest to open ticket at and let us check further on this.