Access to the peplink from the internet

Hello Everyone!

I want access to my Peplink balance 20 from the internet using the public ip address, i tried ip forwoading but it didn’t worked, can anyone help please!!

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What internet connectivity does the Balance 20 have at the moment? Is there a public IP on the WAN port?

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Hi thank you sir

yes i have two internet connections on WAN1 and WAN2 and i have a public IP address on both of them

Did you try port forwarding on both the public IPs? Did they both not work? What are you port forwarding to? Does that device have the Balance LAN IP set as its default gateway?

thank you for your replay
i tried to do port forwarding of the public IP address to the Peplink Lan address, it was just the web admin access that is not allowed from the WAN side.

but what if i want to forward another server or machine for exemple do i will need another Public IP address or i can just mapping the Public IP address to a entire Subnet network

Perhaps create a fw rule from a source ip of your cell phone(after setting dhcp reservation) and enabling logging.

Then run a siri command and see what host name it goes to.
Check the pepwave fw event log.
Then create a new rule blocking it at a higher priority.

Keep repeating to see what needs to be blocked.