Access to SD card on Surf OTG

Most mobile broadband USB sticks allow to insert a memory SD card next to the SIM card.
Wouldn’t it be nice that, when you place a 16 or 32 GByte SD card in the 3G USB stick inserted in the Surf OTG, you could set it up as a NAS device and allow all WiFi attached devices to access that storage! This way one could share files between laptops, or laptops and phones/tablets, write backup’s, stream music and much more. All without physically moving the SD card between the different devices.

I have been looking around in the Surf OTG webinterface, but there is no way to access that storage.
Any possibility to achieve this?

Thanks in advance,

You are right. This is not supported at the moment. This is a pretty elaborated set of file sharing features. And ummm… I can’t say that I can see a clear picture of this being supported on the Surf OTG from where I am standing… Anyone else has some thought on this?

OK, let’s give it another try and cut back on the feature set.
What about simple filesharing? If I insert the 3G Stick with the SD card in my laptop, it behaves as a normal drive and is mounted by the filesystem.
Could that be done when connected to the OTG??

Alright we will take a closer look at this. But we cannot make any promise on this yet.

Thanks, I’ll exercise some patience…

The quote above dates back till 2012. In the mean time I’m at my second SURF OTG.
Did the feature above already made it to the enhancements list??

Thanks in advance!


Please to inform that this is not in our roadmap due to some technical constraints. Thank you for your suggestion.