Access to MAX BR1 Mini with a dynamic cellular IP?

Before I start pulling teeth with purchasing to obtain SIM cards with static IP addresses, I’m wondering if there is a feature or Pepwave service to allow access from the cellular WAN to the LAN ports when the SIM card has a dynamic address that resets every time the modem power is cycled.

I’m familiar with everything else I need to do to accomplish this given a static IP address to access, but I’m new to any feature that might allow this with a dynamic IP.

As long as the dynamic IP address is routable you should be able to achieve the same functionality as with a statically assigned IP address. Peplink (through IC2) provides dynamic DNS resolution for changing IP adresses, as does other third-party providers.

If the address is not routable (e.g., your ISP employs CGNAT, which I assume is the most likely scenario) then an option is to deploy a FusionHub with a routable IP and then routing access via the FusionHub and a SpeedFusion connection across the cellular connection to then WAN port of the router.



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To be clear, you just want to be able to access the Peplink GUI remotely?

I’d just get an InControl2 subscription for the device if that is the case, for the BR1 this will be very inexpensive and you can take advantage of all the nice remote monitoring and control options that Ic2 gives you along with the WebGUI remote access via a proxy run by Peplink.

If however you mean you want to be able to access devices behind the BR1 then you might want to look into deploying a FusionHub Solo somewhere like Vultr or Digital Ocean. The hub would have a static public IP, you’d build a PepVPN tunnel to the BR1 and you can then do port forwarding from the IP of the hub to devices behind the BR1.

Plenty of guides on the forum about how to set this up, cost for the FH Solo licence is nothing (sign up for an Ic2 account you can generate the licences yourself) and the hosting costs are pretty minimal at $5-10 USD per month depending on where you host it for 1-2TB of data transfer.

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I often forget about the dynamic DNS feature of Ic2. :slight_smile:

Suspect in this instance the IP is probably not a publicly routed one given it is “cellular” and probably behind a carriers NAT.

Thank you. I’m finding that I cannot hit the dynamic IP address even when I know what it is at the moment. I think your explanation on routable vs not routable is very relevant at this point.

Hi Will,

No, I need to access a device on the LAN side using specific ports (HTTP, FTP, others). I’ll look into the FusionHub, etc. Part of the battle was knowing what to search for.

FusionHub Solo should sort you out then, I’d personally also spring for the cheap subscription for Ic2 for your BR1 as you can then manage and monitor the whole setup using Ic2 entirely if you choose.

Here’s a nice video guide from another forum member that covers the process for setting up the hub, tunnels and so on in Vultr, just build the PepVPN profile without NAT on the BR1 side and you should be good to go.

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@Nathan_Beachey What are you trying to access on the lan? Peplink has a new feature called intouch that could proxy what you want to access.