Access Switch behind Balance 210

Hey guys, very new to Peplink and there may be an obvious answer here, but i need some help.

Currently have a Cisco SG300 behind a Balance 210. Normally on most routers to access my switch, i can telnet/ssh to the switch via the IP from the router, but it appears the Peplinks don’t support this.

Switch is currently assigned /24 and Peplink Is there an easy way to remotely access the switch thats directly connected to the Balance?

Hello matt012345,

You should be able to reach out to any device on the network as normal. I ssh into servers both at work and at home fairly frequently with no additional configuration.

Do you have any firewall rules configured that may be causing any issues?

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I can SSH to my Balance 210 via the WAN IP no problem. But, i need to access the Cisco switch behind the Balance that is only configured for the LAN.

Hi matt012345,

Are you trying to ssh into the router from the WAN or from the LAN? If you’re trying to access the switch from the WAN you’ll need to configure Port Forwarding.

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