Access Server connected to Remote Peplink WAN port


I’m trying to setup the following, which i’m SURE must be possible, but for the life of me, cant figure out how…

This is a simplified version of the network plan

Basically, I want to enable Laptop C to be able to talk to Server A

The complication comes with having to put the “Third Party” network on the WAN side of Balance 20X #1 as this is the primary Internet access. Otherwise I guess I could put the third party network into the LAN side and pass that VLAN across the PepVPN.

I’m sure the solution is static routes, but I cant make it quite work.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks


Hi Mike

I have successfully done something similar to access the ISP router GUI at a remote site.
The trick is to put outbound rules in place on both Peplink routers.

For example, the Balance that laptop C is connected to will have an outbound rule enforcing all traffic with a destination of to the PepVPN.
The Balance that is connected to laptop B will then need an outbound rule enforcing all traffic to to use the WAN which the server is located on.

Hope this helps

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You just need to give the Balance 20x#2 a route to the WAN network of Balance20x#1 so it knows how to get there.

If they were connected directly via VPN you could set an outbound policy on B20x#1 for the tunnel, but doing so in this topology means that traffic will leave via the WAN of the Fusionhub.

Instead you need to use custom OSPF adverts on B20#1 so that it advertises the 172.16.0.x subnet to the Fusionhub which will tehn advertise it to the other B20x.

Navigate to Network > Routing Protocols | OSPF & RIP2 and on the Network Advertising Section (which is currently advertising LAN networks only) manually add your LAN and then WAN from the drop down then click save and apply.

OSPF will then advertise the 172 network to Fusionhub which advertises it to the other balance 20 and you’ll be able to access that server.


Well that’s a cool(and very useful) feature…….!

It seems to do the trick

Many thanks