Access Port vs. Trunk Port Download Speed

I’ve noticed the following behavior on a Pepwave Surf Soho MK3 with firmware 8.1.2 and a few VLANs defined:

  1. Change a network port (or a few) to type “Access” from “Trunk - Any” and select a VLAN.
  2. At this point the download speed might seem to be the same.
  3. Reboot the router (sometimes this isn’t necessary, but one time it appeared to be fine until a reboot).
  4. Check the download speed.

At this point I see extremely slow download speeds from a computer connected to an access port - over 10x slower than with the port set to “Trunk - Any”. However, the upload speed is fine. I can only restore the download speed to this port by setting ALL of the ports back to “Trunk - Any”. I haven’t changed any of the speed settings for the network ports from the default of “Auto”.

Try putting a switch in between the port and the device, or a different switch if you already have a switch.

Thanks Jonathan, I tried a few more things and if I set the speed of the ports to 1G Full Duplex it fixes the issue. I can see in the logs that when a port was set up as an Access port the “Auto” setting was setting (I think all the ports) to a speed of 10M.