Access Point AP One AX Mesh Network

Hi to everybody,
I configured a Balance 20 mesh network with 3 Access Point AP One AX.
I would like to know if it is possible to configure a mesh network without using the Balance 20.
By configuring the “Wireless Mesh” directly on the access points (1 access point used like a router).

I tried to configure “Wireless mesh” in 3 access point with the same shared key and frequency. I enable it into setting of all devices.
I check the “Mesh / WDS” section but nothing change.
I also tried with WDS mac address but nothing change.

Thank you so much

These devices will only try to establish a mesh connection when their wired interface is not able to reach the gateway. Try unplugging the ethernet cable and then check the WDS/Mesh info page.

Thanks jnjones,
If I did mesh settings into the balance 20 with 3 AP it works.
I can disconnect the network wire of 2 AP (plug power) and its works.

But I would like to don’t use Balance 20.
I want a solution stand alone with only AP One AX (obviously one connected with wire to network).
I tried into AP One Ax setting but is doesn’t works.

Can someone help me?

This may help… this feature used to be called wds

Thank you C_Metz
do you think using WDS it’s the correct way?
Is it not possible to use MESH?

I think I saw in a thread that the mesh required an AP Controller (standard or pro - local or InControl) to function. I really don’t have a good explanation as to why. I have been sitting here for the past 10 minutes trying to think of a reason.

I am curious if you could set up the mesh completely through InControl without including the Balance 20 in the mix. I would think that a local controller would be required to handle all the layer2 manipulation/juggling.

I think the same.
It seems so strange to me that no one has encountered this.
I would like to have confirmation that the mesh network cannot work independently of a device with AP controller (Balance20, etc.)

With this settings it works:

AP1 with connected LAN must be:

  • System - Operating Mode - Bridge Mode
  • WAN - Static IP or DHCP

AP2 with disconnected LAN must be:

  • System - Operating Mode - Bridge Mode
  • WAN in DHCP mode

After the Mesh networks appears it is possible to change the WAN IP of AP2 with static IP

makes sense that you would need to have them in bridge mode - they need to share the layer 2 network.