Access Internal Host in Passthrough mode

I am setting up a Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini LTE with a camera behind it that I want to access from anywhere on the Internet. I have configured the cellular interface for IP passthrough. For testing purposes, I have a PC connected to the LAN/WAN port. Via DHCP, it gets the public address of the Cellular interface. I can get out to the Internet from that PC. I am unable to access that PC’s IP from the outside. I have RDP enabled on the PC. I am unable to ping or RDP to the PC.

I am not familiar with Pepwave routers. Typically, if the router is in bridge mode I would expect that address to be assigned to the device behind it without any restrictions. Is there additional configuration needed to make this work? (I am running the latest firmware.)

Hi. My strong guess is that the issue is the carrier grade NAT used by the cel carrier. Normally, unless you have paid for a static IP address there will be no inbound access to the router from the internet. What you are seeing is not an issue with the router but is the manner in which cellular carriers configure their networks.


Thanks for your reply. The end user is in the process of getting a fixed IP.

Yes. A fixed IP address resolved the issue.

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