AC support not shown in Balance AP manager

We have a Balance 30 running 6.1.3 build 2766 and two AP One AC Minis running 3.5.0. In the Balance AP controller screen, they’re both shown as being “na” or “ng” devices. There doesn’t appear to be any recognition that these devices are “ac.” I’m not sure whether that means they aren’t using AC or that it just isn’t being displayed, but I’d like to be sure, since we have a number of AC devices coming onto our network.



AP Controller firmware 6.1.3, AP One AC mini 5GHz band would be forced to operate with 80MHz channel bonding as the UI configuration will be ready in 6.2.0 GA. Basically, it will display properly in 6.2 GA firmware. We will be sure to announce once 6.2 is ready.