Ac one mini captive portal 1440 session max

I only want my guests, who might stay for multiple nights, to only have to ever fill in a captive portal once during their stay.
Is this not possible due to the 1440 max minutes session timeout? Or does this mean as long as they keep connecting at least once a day it will keep the session count alive without exceeding the 1440?


Hi @evanvilla,

Unfortunatly 1440 minutes is the maximum session timeout at the moment.
If they use the WiFi network again within 24 hours (1440 : 60 = 24), your guests will not have to go through the captive portal again.

You could consider putting the captive portal settings on ‘Open Access’ and just forward your guests to or even your own website.
You can still configure daily quota’s and such when using ‘Open Access’.

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Ok, thanks.
When a user uses the Wi-Fi again it will not refresh the 1440 ? I think
this is what you mean.
Re Android, what does not work?

The timer will reset when your guests use the WiFi network again within the set timeout session.

When they do not use the WiFi anymore, the timer will start again, until they use the WiFi again.

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ah great, that might be ok.

are there any known clients that the captive portal won’t work for?

As far as I know, all wireless devices will listen to the captive portal settings.

There are some advanced features in the captive portal settings that aren’t supported by Android (yet?), but Peplink normally states it when this the case.

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