AC Mini configuration

I purchased an AC Mini to replace an original AP One. My configuration is:

Balance One router with firmware 6.1.2
AP > both integrated and external AP are checked
AP > permitted AP = any

The above settings have worked perfectly with the integrated AP and the old AP One that has been removed.

Settings on the AC One

  • login with default password “public”
  • firmware 3.5.2
  • connected via wired LAN to the Balance One with a reserved DHCP in the Balance One which shows as a DHCP client
  • System > Controller > Controller management checked, Controller Type Auto
  • On the AP page it says “AP Controller management enabled. Wireless SSID can now be configured on AP Controller (” This is the LAN address of the Balance One.

The AC One Mini works fine if configured manually but it will not acquire settings from the router. I’ve tried rebooting both devices. I can manually configure the AP, no problem.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Don,

Please upgrade Balance One to latest firmware in order to manage AP One AC Mini.