Ability to speed test - either directly on the router or via incontrol

This would be a very useful feature to be able to run a speed test to an internet based server to get an idea of how the unit is performing.

I know its possible when using Speedfusion but when using load balanced or pure internet only single SIM its not currently a feature but would be a useful one to have.


Thank you for your feature request. This is a hot requested feature and already put on our road map. Stay tuned!

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Hello Peplink Enginnering,
We are regularly involved in working with a variety of vendors and manufactures of LTE routers.
A feature we have seen in some recent LTE routers is the ability to test the connection speed back out to speedtest.net built into the routers GUI.

We have found this a very handy tool on several occasions for confirming the ongoing performance of a remote locations cellular/mobile equipment connection.

Something that would be good extension on this is to optionally schedule tests for capturing/logging back to the InControl2 system over a period of time such as (template examples):

  • Hourly for a week,
  • Daily for a month,
  • Set times of every day for a month/week,
  • Set days of the week at a set time for a month,
  • Once a week on a set day and time until cancelled (or IC2 registration expires),
  • Run a test when system comes back online (after a chosen 2 to 5 minutes wait),
  • Set testing limits in a billing cycle.

So the ability within routers (especially MAX routers & those using USB dongles) to do performance speed tests from the router could open up many abilities to also verify a carriers performance and up-time plus help manage contracted minimum performance requirements with customer and carriers alike.

Just some ideas that we thought worth sharing.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hi Team,
We’ve continued to see requests and cases where this feature would be extremely useful. Is there any update on it’s status or tentative ETA?


Yes this would be a great feature. I was just googling how to do it and am shocked to find it not already a feature.