Ability to specify outbound WAN algorithm to traffic within the VPN tunnel

Current outbound policy rules only allow the user to specify an algorithm for a WAN interface or a VPN tunnel. I would like to see the ability to define a WAN interface within the tunnel as well. For example, a rule could be added that say that all VOIP traffic that traverses a speedfusion tunnel uses WAN1 as a priority where WAN1 is my least latent link between the WANs used in the tunnel. And WAN2 within the vpn tunnel would be the main path for SNMP traffic where WAN2 is the lowest bandwidth link of the speedfusion vpn.

Please let me know if you need a more detailed use case.

Thanks for the feedback. This is well understood because we have got this same requests multiple times :slight_smile: It is definitely on our roadmap already. While I don’t have a concrete timeline to share, I can tell it’s one of our high priority items.

Thank you!