Ability to restart IPSec VPN connection


Current router: Balance 580
Firmware: 5.4.9

In some instances, the IPSec tunnel gets unreliable even though the router shows connected. A reboot is normally required to get full functionality back. A call to reset the VPN tunnel (and tunnel only) would be great.

One trick to restart the whole IPsec service is changing the state of NAT-Traversal (Web Admin => Network => IPsec, located on the top of the page), Apply Changes, then change it back and Apply Changes again.

However this is not a good way to go, what is the brand/model of the remote peer? and did you try firmware 6.1.2?

Thanks for the reply.

We have been using the trick you suggest of changing-applying-changing back, but it does not always work. That is why the request. The clients are Cisco routers at the home of remote workers. Version 6.1.2 shows the same behavior.


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Hi Juan,

Can you explain further on the problem of “IPSec tunnel gets unreliable even though the router shows connected”? Devices at both end can’t reach each other?

Please download Diagnostic Report when problem occur. Then open ticket for us to investigate.

is there another way to restart VPN service? seems like our ISP is flapping and the VPN tunnel isnt fully established. we get
VPN/1x3 - ESP Proposal refused, please verify Phase 2 (ESP) settings. for one of the subnets.

While we are working on the ISP connection… is there a way to restart the VPN tunnel?

You can go into the VPN profile and uncheck “Active” and then save, then go back and click “Active” and save again.

is it uncheck active… save… then apply? will it disconnect the internet from users?

Yes that is correct. This should not affect the internet connection, only the VPN.

That worked … it didnt disrupt anybody… thank you!