Ability to restart IPSec VPN connection VIA CLI


Is there a way to set a vpn active true/false via the CLI? I’d like to automate re-establishing a vpn connection on ping fail via the command line into the peplink router.

Is there a doc with the full cli documents? All I am finding are subsets…


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The CLI documentation can be found here. The functionality of the CLI is limited and does not support a way to check the the VPN.

Are you trying to set this up with PepVPN/SpeedFusion or with IPsec?


The routers, both Balance One Core, lose their IPsec Tunnel about once a week. Neither of the routers detect the link is down, the only recovery is to set one side to active false, then set it true again. I am getting a lot of complaints from this client. I opened a case on this about six months ago; no response. What I would like to do is write a service that pings the otherside, itd be great if I could issue a cli command to set active… Seems all I can do based on the cli commands is reboot. Ideally, you would get this fixed; failing to detect the link is bad…


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If you’re going from Balance One Core to Balance One Core, I would recommend using PepVPN. Can you open a ticket with us directly here? This sounds like something that we will need to look further into.