Ability to Limit Usage of Specified WAN

We recently had an issue where our backup fiber line was oversaturated causing high ping response times, dropped packets, and lost connection. We found out through support that the “Download Bandwidth” option does not work unless SpeedFusion is being utilizied. Apparently the “Upload Bandwidth” works regardless. To resolve our concerns I wanted to propose one of two solutions.

  • Make “Connection Settings → Download Bandwidth” functional when not using SpeedFusion. We would like to be able to set the total allowable bandwidth Upload or Download
  • Add ability to QoS a specific WAN. Meaning I can specify an IP to use a specific wan with a specified max throughput


Have you try Group Bandwidth Reservation or Individual Bandwidth Limit at Network > Bandwidth Control? I believe they should help on your problem.

Hi TK, thanks for the reply! We reviewed those options with support and did not see a way to allocate bandwidth to a specific WAN while limiting the total throughput allowed over that WAN