Ability to display the sim ICCID reference on router GUI and InControl

At the moment the Peplink xG products can show the IMEI and IMSI of a sim card, often with APN providers these reference ID’s arent used but the ICCID reference is. It would be very useful if the router GUI and InControl could also read and display the ICCID of a sim card installed in the device.

I agree, the ICCID is much more relevant than the IMSI.

ICCID will be available for each modem/cellular WAN in 6.3.0 firmware.

Thank you Samuel!
Will make life a lot easier!

This is awesome news. Any ETA on the 6.3.0 firmware release date? We’d be open to beta just for this feature. We recently started providing mobility data as part of our offering so we switched out a bunch of SIM cards at remote sites. Now we’re trying to match all this up with billing and realized for the first time that the BR1’s don’t return the key ICCID. We saw the IMSI and just assumed that was the ICCID so we were counting on being able to get that info remotely. Now we’re looking at a bunch of windshield time to grab that ICCID #…so we’re quite eager to jump to 6.3.0. :slight_smile:


We target to release v6.3.0 by this year end. Stay tuned!

Our target is to release the open beta of 6.3.0 in November. Thanks.

I just tested 6.3.0 beta and the much needed ICCID is there. This is great news. Thank you so much for getting this feature added. Just a reminder (which I’m sure is already on your list) we need this exposed in InControl as well as the API.



Same here John!
I’m assuming it can be pulled by the API though?

I’ve tested it as well but noticed in the 6.3RC2 notes it says “MAX family” for the ICCID info, will this feature not be enabled across the range on cellular products (eg: BR1) as we use a variety of devices and need the ICCID info from anything we manage with cellular modems.

This feature is supported on all products with embedded modems.

this is really useful, thanks guys