Ability to disable the ability to uncheck InControl2 from admin panel


I would like to be able to ‘block’ the ability to uncheck ‘InControl2’ managed from the local admin.


Can I suggest to login the Web Admin with read-only user instead of admin?



May i know the concern for the request ?

Initially the option is to allow user to disable IC2 management as some users doesn’t require that.


But then the user wouldn’t be able to do any of the day-to-day operations they need to


Rented and demo devices.
We have had it regularly where we are troubleshooting an issue and someone keeps disabling IC2 even though they have been told not to


Agree with GNO-2014, we have devices in the field that we need the local people to know the password to log into. However, under NO circumstances should they be disabling the IC2 control, especially since we are using bulk configurator.