A very simple (VoIP) question

I’ve this problem:
I’ve two different ADSL connection available, each with its different router, I’d like to use the two ADSL with a VoIP SIP server that has two SIP trunks.
Because the low upload speed of each ADSL connection (*that can place only **one *VoIP call at time), I’d like to use a Peplink appliance like Peplink Balance 20 to automatically switch to the other ADSL connection (and router) when the first is used by a VoIP call.
I’ve very strong budget requirements and I can’t buy other than a **cheap appliance ( I can’t buy i.e. a 210 and, than , I can’t use Bandwitdt bonding like Speed Fusion).
The question is : is useful for my purpose the “cheap” Peplink Balance 20 or not?
In other words: if I purchase this appliance mayI reach my purposes in an affordable way?
And if yes: how must I configure the appliance? :confused:
Thanks in advance.

The Balance 20 is able to achieve your objective. With the Weighted Balance load balancing algorithm, you can distribute the VoIP call across the 2 ADSL connection. You may refer to this article for more details on the load balancing algorithm and configuration reference.

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