A question about load balancing in drop-in mode


i have a peplink 580 configured as drop-in mode with the wan 1. on wan 2, i have a adsl line. my question is about how the drop-in mode affect the load balance function.

i see traffic on the wan 2 but is not a regular balanced distribution.

my atctual topology is:
-firewall wan connected to peplink lan
-peplink wan 1 connected to a router ( my original line) and drop-in mode configured
peplink wan 2 connected to an adsl line

peplink 580
firmware 6.2.1
no inbound or outbond rules exept the default rules.



I assume you are using default settings on Outbound Policy.

  1. I assume all users are NATTED behind firewall. So B580 will see 1 NATTED IP from firewall all the time. If most of the internet traffics are HTTPS, then this is an expected result. NATTED IP from firewall will keep routing on the same WAN until the session ends. Please find here to understand more on load-balancing-algorithms.

  2. Default Outbound rule is using Lowest Latency algorithm. Traffic will be assigned to the WAN with the lowest latency time among the selected connections.

If balanced distribution is needed, you may change Default Outbound rule algorithm to Weighted Balance.

Hope this help.