A new use to load balancing?

Hi there,

Well i will try to explain at the best of my abilities (either technical and english) what i want to do !

At the moment my organisation own 17 videoconferences systems (Polycom and Tandberg). We can only make call within our own systems, we cannot make call on the internet (the why would take a while to explain so don’t bother ;)).

But, i had an idea last week, i was wondering if i could order a DSL and found a way to balance the traffic between the said DSL and my LAN.

In fact i need an appliance where i will connect my LAN (WAN1) and the DSL (WAN2). Then i will connect my videoconference system to this appliance. Once done, i would like to septup a rules saying like all 10.x.x.x traffic use WAN1, everything else use WAN2. Also, i would like that any incoming traffic from WAN1 or WAN2 be directed to the connected appliance.

Do you think it is possible to do this using one of the multi-wan routers model ? if yes, which one ?

Thank you all !


First of all… Probably a good idea to not call LAN a WAN. So it would look like ( WAN1 / WAN2 ) <–> LAN.

And you can direct traffic based on LAN IP or type of traffic or destination of traffic. With only two WAN connections a B20 would probably be all you need.

The best way to determine your Load Balancing deployment and figure out the best model suited toward your network:

  1. Add all of our incoming ISP links. To know your total upload and download speed is significant.
  2. Please consider all users that will be causing all your data traffic. Not just internal but those connecting to the video conferences and other traffic will you have in a possible future.
  3. Please visit this link to compare all the models with the information from above: http://www.peplink.com/balance/tech-spec/

It is a simple task to create an Outbound Policy to steer your data to a particular WAN.