A few requests for the Web Admin page and Router utility

Herewith a few requests:

  1. A browser frame as part of the Peplink Web Admin page will make it a lot easier to log onto other network devices on the LAN (that also has a web interface), directly from the Peplink. This will simplify administration of devices as it will not be necessary to VPN to the Peplink first, in case of remote administration.

  2. The new Router Utility is great, thank you! An improvement will be if one can add multiple host addresses (for the different WAN ports). If the line that is configured in the Utility goes down, access to the device is also impossible. A bonus will be if the utility can detect the IP address when a serial number is entered (like the Incontol site).

  3. Although it is not needed a lot, it will be fantastic if one can reboot a Peplink unit remotely, either with Incontol or the Router Utility. It does sometimes happen that access to the Web Admin page is not possible, and a simple reboot will resolve a problem.