A few newbee questions

My Peplink Balance 20 is coming today. I have used a NETGEAR FVS336G for a few years and once I had it setup it was OK… but it took a while to setup to where I had no issues. Anyhow with a new router I have a few questions right off the bat. Some are easy, some a bit more involved. Thanks for any help in advance.

  1. What do I need to do to make sure my Vonage service will work OK. I dont think it likes switching from one wan to another so I guess the enforced rule comes into play. What if its WAN associated with the device goes down. I thought enforced would not auto rollover. Is there a better rule to consider?

  2. On the outbound policy rules… can the destination ip address be a range instead of a single number? i.e. ?

  3. I sometimes upload via FTP, fairly large files. Will a “load balanced” scenario cause a problem? I would think the internet service I am uploading to will not allow this. What rule should I use to allow for upload FTPs to go to one specific wan?

Any help you can provide on these items would be appreciated.



Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. This is easily accomplished using the “priority” algorithm for failover. Simply put the higher priority WAN connection on top.

  2. You can use a network or a domain name for the destination besides a single IP address.

  3. An outbound policy rule can be used to establish the FTP session and the priority algorithm will allow for failover.

So it is starting to sound like I should use the priority rule in many cases where I was considering “enforced”… so that I can benefit from “rollover” if needed.

Thanks… George