A Few Feature Requests and Questions

Dear Peplink Support Team

I have a few feature requests and questions. Feedback will be appreciated.


  1. Customization of SNMP MIB’s

  2. Intelligent WAN link health detection and notification when used in a S2S configuration

    2.1 Perform WAN link health checks

    2.2 Notify via SNMP or email if the line quality drops below a certain threshold

    2.3 Ability to disable poor performing WAN link to prevent degradation of S2S tunnel. Notify via SNMP or email.

    Disabling could be based on a threshold
  3. Reporting ability

    3.1 Ability to report on how many failover/failbacks

    3.2 Ability to report on Exportable usage data

  4. Interoperability between the Peplink 310 and Billion 52xx/72xx routers


  1. What RFC standard MIB’s are implemented?

  2. What is the Maximum amount of static routes that can be loaded?

  3. At what percentage does the Peplink decide to send overflow traffic to the next interface if configured?

Thank You For Your Help