A collection of requests

I’ve been storing a few up and after canvassing our engineering teams about things that would be nice to have and useful for deployments and support:

Ability to support OSPF and BGP as per the Balance range

Balance Range:
Support VRF as per the Fusionhubs

Max cellular range:
Ability to send and receive SMS (useful to check numbers on sims etc)

Max and Balance range
Flow based analytics - output sflow or IPFIX level detail (lower level than DPI)
SNMP notifications on connection failure from SIM A to SIM B
SNMP notification of uptime or connection reliability falling below a set value (eg: SIM A 98% SIM B 80% and showing what the reliability is)
Schedule ability to run speed tests either to internet or back to a hub, recorded to incontrol to show the speed of the unit over time.

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