802.11r Support


Could we please have more info on the new “802.11r” support in Beta 7.1.1
We have tested it but want clarification on its functionality
Thank You


As I know, this feature still in the roadmap. Can you share where you found it? Possible to share the screenshot? I wish to test it out too.

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It is on a HD4 MF I had access to it. It’s only available when WPA2 is selected.

I couldn’t find any notes about it in the release notes

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Also available on a Balance ONE so doesn’t look like it’s limited to the more powerful devices.
We are really excited about this so could you please let us know about it?
Still no notes in the GA release notes.
Thank You


Thanks for your sharing. You found something that I not aware :sweat_smile:. I tested the fast roaming is working as expected. You may find the URL link below for better understanding.

We published the new fast roaming feature in AP v3.6.0 release note.


I’m surprised no one else had stumbled upon it!
Maybe this should of been included in the 7.1.1 Firmware release notes as well?

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Fast Transition (802.1r) is an AP feature. Balance/Max device is acting as a WLAN Controller to push this feature to the managed AP. Hence, this feature is published in AP’s release note.



What happens to this feature (802.11r) when AP is managed by IC2? Although the checkbox disappears from web configuration, does it is default activated (same as band steering)?



Fast Transition (802.1r) can be enable via local WLAN Controller or AP local WebUI at the moment.

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Running the Beta and 3.6.0 AP firmware.

I was able to enable 802.11r on my WPA2-Personal SSIDs. I also have an SSID that using WPA2-Enterprise but the option to turn on 802.11r isn’t available. Is that by design?


As for now, only SSID WPA2-Personal are implemented for Fast Transition option. For WPA2-Enterprise that will be schedule for the future firmware.


When will this be enabled as a config control feature from ICA/incontrol, at the moment it appears to be only available when the device is locally managed.

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I can’t access this option on Transit DUO’s. Is it not available on the DUO’s?

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MAX Transit Duo doesn’t support this yet:

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I like to have fast transition on Transits WiFi-WAN connection. If we have a couple of Flex APs along a track and my Transit is moving along the track will i have fast transition while I am roaming ?

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If your APs are controlled by a controller that supports fast transition than you would be able to benefit from it on the WiFi WAN of a Transit.
It’s the APs that are controlled by a Transit that can’t benefited from it yet.