802.11ax on the roadmap?



Hi there,

I was wondering when 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard will be implemented as this is a big discussion on the big Wi-Fi brands like Aerohive and ruckus.

I haven’t seen anything about this on the Peplink forum yet, but WPA-3 is mentioned being on the roadmap but no ETA yet. WPA-3 will be mandatory on 802.11ax so this would likely be something to release at the same time.

Does the Peplink team have more information on this regarding the development?

Kind regards.


Hello @Frontier_Netherlands,

The engineers are evaluating the standard. While we do not have any information on when this will be implemented, I’m sure that we will end up adding support for it some time in the future. So the answer is similar for the WPA-3 implementation, it will be added to the roadmap, but we do not have any ETA for it’s arrival.