8 PoE+ Port SD-Switch: No Fans, Always Reliable!


Peplink’s new 8-Port SD Switch is available now! With its fanless design and industrial temperature range, the 8-port switch is ideal for the toughest environments. It can also accept AC and DC power and has multiple power inputs for ultimate reliability!

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What PoE+ output [W] can be reached if I only use the terminal block to power the device with 12V ?


Hello @Alan,
We have already deployed some of these to customers and they are a great product. I’m sharing here a few photos taken during July of these being used.

Here is the new Switch on operational display at the 2018 Comms Connect Conference in Sydney

Here is the new Switch in operation at a customers site installed with customised rack mountings

Here is the new Switch operating in the back of a motor vehicle to power our latest developments

We are looking forward to doing a lot more with these amazing switches.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hello @ue-it,
The PoE+ output will be dependant on your supply source if you use the terminal block, if you only supply 12VDC then the PoE will not work, if you supply 48VDC or 56VDC with sufficient power available (amps), then you can expect to be able to operate any standard PoE+ device.

You can see in our photos shared the Pepxim SD-PMU, this works brilliantly for powering the Peplink PSW-8-240W-RUG units. In both of these installations, the Pepxim SD-PMU shown is running from a 12VDC source.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hi Marcus,
i am an early adopter as well.

No admin’s desk without a PSW-8-240.

10" Rack. (Peplink, please add brackets for 10")
So if i just connect the switch to a 12V car battery PoE will not work ? The voltage will be not transformed ?