710 and 380 working together

Hi, I got a peplink 710 and other 380 model, I want to use the 380 for another 3 adsl, what’s the best configuration to work whit the 710?


Hi. Just to understand. You have the Balance 710 - are you using all 7 WAN connections on this? Do you want to use the B380 in the same location as the 710 connected on its WAN (to give you 10 active WANs for load balancing)? Or will you use the B380 in a different office?

Yes wat I want is 10 active wans


Do note that the recommended Balance model to handle 10 Active WANs will be Balance 1350 (Up to 13 WANs).

Seem you have owned the Balance 710 & Balance 380 , do consider the below setup for the Balance 710 & Balance 380:

Balance 710:
Outbound Policy - Weighted Balance (Make sure “Load Distribution Weight” is defined by on WAN load)

Balance 380:
outbound policy - Weighted Balance (Make sure “Load Distribution Weight” is defined by on WAN load)


  • Do note that the above design is only for outbound traffics WAN Load-balancing.
  • Dynamic outbound load-balancing algorithm may not work well for such design

For USB as WAN, please refer to the forum link below:

Thank You

Hi I just want to add a couple of things to Sit loongs post.

Make sure that you accurately define the amount of bandwidth available (Upload and Download) for each routers WAN Connection Settings. This improves the efficiency of outbound load balancing. So using the diagram above, WAN1 connection settings upload and download bandwidth would be the sum of the bandwidth available on the three WAN connections on the B380.

Also, you don’t want to have double NAT on the traffic between the B710 and the B380. This is because the B380 will also be doing it’s own load balancing, and if WAN1 on the 710 is set to NAT then the B380 will see a single source address in all traffic that comes to it. If you set WAN1 on the B710 to us IP forwarding instead, then the B380 will see the devices on the LAN of the B710 as the real source, and so be able to load balance their traffic correctly, and https session persistence will work across both the WAN1 on the 710 and the WANS on the B380.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Thanks I will test it soon