7-in-1 antenna for vehicle roof: Parsec Husky vs Poynting vs Mobile Mark

For an RV application where the rooftop antenna will not be visible and there are no practical size restrictions my goal is to get the best antenna possible for my mission. I am comparing the Parsec Husky vs. Poynting (MIMO-3-17) and Mobile Mark (LTMG942) 7-in-1 solutions. This will be likely paired with a Max Transit CAT-18 using 4x4 MIMO on LTE + 2x2 MIMO on Wi-Fi + GPS.

My research seems to point to Parsec being considered a high-gain and good solution, but I would welcome the input from the community from personal experience. Thank you in advance.

I recently considered all of those for the same application using a Max Transit 5G. I also considered the Panorama LG-IN2445 7-in-1. I eliminated the Poynting MIMO-3-17 because its specs do not include Band 71, and gain across all other bands is lower than the other antennas.

I ultimately chose the Panorama based on Band 71, specs for gain across all bands, small profile and no ground plane required. I have only tested it for a few days indoors. It is working very well so far, but I have no empirical data to report an no experience with the other antennas.

The Parsec Husky was my next choice and looks like a great antenna.

My only complaint about the Panorama and Parsec antennas is they are only available with 15-16 ft. cables, which I don’t need. I’d rather have shorter cables and less loss, but that will require another $100+ for a set of 7 replacement cables.

@gg.ia - Thank you for your feedback and the recommendation for the Panorama antenna. I pulled up the specs and compared it to the Parsec and as you so accurately stated the dB gain is better overall including Wi-Fi bands. It is also about 7" in diameter compared to 10.75" so that is a lot of antenna in a small footprint.

You mention that you are using a Max Transit 5G. I thought that product wasn’t shipping until later this month. Do you already have access to one?

I had a Max Transit 5G on preorder and received it May 13.

Do you have a time machine? Today is April 17.

oops. April 13.

:grinning: That makes more sense. In comparing the Max Transit CAT-18 and the Max Transit 5G what was the principal reason for choosing the 5G version?

Future-proofing. I assume there will be more/better 5G technology in the next few years, but this seemed the best choice now for low/mid band 5G. I also assume the 5G advantage will be negligible for the next couple years as networks are built out, especially in the remote areas where we usually camp. But I like the idea of being ready for it.

Also, I like being an early adopter and to some degree I enjoy the troubleshooting that goes with new product releases. If I favored more stability, I would go with the CAT-18.

@ gg.ia - I just ordered a Max Transit 5G to connect to the Panorama Mako Dome 9-in-1 (2 Wi-Fi will be spares for future use) and an AP One Rugged for the internal LAN. Your comments and feedback were a big influence on my final decisions. Thanks for the heads up on the Panorama. I read the antenna specs and it is a strong performer and smaller footprint than the Parsec Husky.

It’s been a while, any update, you still happy with the Panorama antenna?

Yes, quite happy with it. In addition to the Peplink router (upgraded to a Max BR1 Pro 5G), I have a Verizon hotspot. I travel full-time in our RV, mostly to remote areas. There are plenty of times when my phone cellular data and the Verizon hotspot are not usable due to low signal strength, but the Peplink with the Panorama external antenna works well, including for Google Meet video calls. Of course, also plenty of times with no usable signal on the Peplink due to low/no signal or overloaded cell towers.

Not perfect, but definitely worth the extra connectivity it is able to provide.

Thanks, I retire end Sep and will also travel full time then! Pretty much same scenario as you with mostly boondocking in our travel plans. I compared the Panorama with the Peplink Mobile 42G and Parsec Husky, leaning towards the Peplink and Max BR1 Pro 5G because of a nice bundle discount I can get here in Canada.