7.1.2 PepVPN Port Forward NAT Mode IP Address(es) Not Working


My setup is a single Balance router which acts as a PepVPN hub with all profiles setup in NAT mode giving out a single DHCP address to each remote router, remote nodes connect with PepVPN and setup port forwarding using the NAT mode IP addresses to get to services behind the router through the single DHCP IP on the main hub.

After upgrading to 7.1.2 port forwards setup using the PepVPN Port Forward NAT Mode IP Address(es) no longer work.

I have tried this between the main vpn hub router (fw 7.1.0) and the remote route (fw 7.1.2) as well as with two devices using (7.1.2).

I can confirm this is working with the following firmwares

Remote 7.1.0 -> Main 7.1.0
Remote 7.1.1 -> Main 7.1.0

The issue seems to have appeared in the 7.1.2. I see in the release notes there is:
19771 [PepVPN] Multiple tunnel is not compatible with NAT mode.

This sounds a bit ominous, however I’m not sure what multiple tunnel is, on the remote side there is only one profile and one IP address specified and on the main hub side each remote client gets a separate profile for itself.