hello support

i upgrade my balance 380 H.Version 6 from fm 6.3.1 to 6.3.2 but after reboot the firmware still 6.3.1


I sometimes see this where InControl is managing firmware updates for a device and rolls back the router to the previous version as thats been manually set in the firmware management section.
Any chance that’s happening here?

i have an account in incontrol but i did not see any FW update notification there also the devices already add inside incontrol, is there anyway to update this firmware?


Please find the screenshot below. Please check and confirm your firmware management status.

my warranty expired but i proceed to upgrade and is this upgrading on progress?

The device can’t manage by InControl2 once the warranty was expired. So the instruction of upgrading to v6.3.2 will not push to your device.

Back to your reported problem.

  1. May I know your warranty was expired after the date of the reported problem?
  2. The firmware management on InControl2 was configured to v6.3.1?