6.3.2 build PPTP twice as fast as Peplink VPN

Originally posted in Beta Forum with additional information:

Before updating a Balance 30 (6.1.2) and 710 (6.1.3) transferring a 5GB via AFP (Apple File Protocol - drag & drop in Finder) over a Peplink VPN took 22mins.

We upgraded both routers to 6.3.2 because PPTP was not working on the 710.

The same transfer now takes 36 minutes using AFP over a Peplink VPN and only 14 minutes over a PPTP VPN.

This is not what we expected. Why is the Peplink VPN slower now? Why is PPTP VPN so much faster

  1. PepVPN was established between Balance 30 and Balance 710?

Yes. The test via PPTP was repeated with the PepVPN disabled. Same results

  1. What type of WAN links on Balance 30 and Balance 710?

BT Fibre 50/50 and 100/100 respectively. Please do not ask why on earth we bought a 710 when we have only one WAN link and less than 100 users. The Balance 30 did a good job aggregating a couple of 4G lines before we upgraded to fibre.

  1. What is the upload and download bandwidth for each of the WAN link on Balance 30 and Balance 710?

50/50 and 100/100 respectively

  1. PPTP was terminated to Balance 30 and Balance 710?

The Balance 30 provided 12-14 remote users PPTP access to main our office. The ‘remote users’ are in a managed services office with a 50/50 line. For ‘various reasons’ we did not set up a VPN to our current main office.

The 710 was purchased for our new office which is 4-5 miles away in West London. We are in the process of setting up so there is no other traffic at the 710 end.

  1. What type of WAN links of the PPTP client?

BT Fibre

  1. What is the upload and download bandwidth for the PPTP client?

So far we have only tested from Balance 30 end which has 50/50. When we tried from the remote office it took 68 minutes to transfer same file via PPTP. SpeedTest.net reports 15/16 which falls to 3/2 if we use PPTP an no VPN


Hi Gerry,

May I know this is your connectivity and testing?

We can’t judge the performance based on transfer time only. Please open ticket for further investigation.

Thank you.

Yes that is what we found.

Testing from the opposite direction (710 -> 30) the transfer rates were the same for PepVPN & PPTP (about 22 minutes).

I will raise a ticket as you suggest so that your techie guys are aware.