6.3.2 build 3196: DHCP PPTP fixed IP address fails due to link with (dynamic) MAC instead of username

There seems to be no possibility in 6.3.2 build 3196 to assign a fixed IP address to a Remote User Access user.

I have tried to “Add to DHCP reservation” from “Status > Client List”.

The issue is the MAC address that changes on every new PPTP dial up session:

  1. 02:A1:B2:99:9C:1F
  2. 02:F2:9B:8D:96:9A
  3. 02:B2:3B:5D:FE:AE


  1. I can’t remove the MAC address out of the “LAN > DHCP Reservation” configuration by deleting the field contents, because it is not allowed to save: “Invalid MAC Address: (Empty)”
  2. Erasing the MAC address field while creating the DHCP Reservation from the Client list is impossible (readonly field) too.

Please allow a PPTP user to have a fixed IP assignment (or give the option for a separate IP range for PPTP/Remote User Access users)


This is the correct behavior as of now. Moving to feature request for better exposure.