6.3.2 build 3192: DHCP stops renewing/assigned IPv4 addresses

At two different locations I have tried the 6.3.2 build 3192 beta firmware on Balance 310 hw v.2 routers.

In both occasion after hours/days of operation it seems that the DHCP server stopped renewing leases or assigning new IPv4 addresses.

Rebooting to 6.3.1 solved the issue.

Is this a known issue?


6.3.2 beta version have been improved and general available firmware is around the corner.

Seem beta version is use for the testing, do you might to open a support ticket here for the team to further check ?

Thank You

Hi, this issue has been resolved in 6.3.2 GA firmware, will be available soon.

I tried with fw-b210_310_hw2_hw3-6.3.2-build3192.bin downloaded June 29th 2016.

Is this DHCP issues resolved in build 3196 (fw-b210_310_hw2_hw3-6.3.2-build3196.bin)?

Or how likely is it that there will be an updated beta available for testing?

Hi, the bug has been fixed in build 3196.

I’m on 3196 and still have this issue. Windows laptops seem to renew fine, but Android and Kindle devices, as well as IoT devices are not getting addresses for random time segments, then suddenly get one for a bit but lose it upon sleep/wake.

Edit: Just noticed 6.3.3. is out - upgrading!

Still getting the same behavior in 6.3.3 - it manifests pretty quickly on Android, Kindle ebooks, and IoT devices.

Downgrading to 6.3.1…

Previous reported issue confirmed had been fixed. For your issue, do you might to open a support ticket here for the team to further check ?