6.3.1 VLAN Issues

So after seeing that the only VLAN that works on our SoHo’s HR 2 and 210 HR 4 and some random B20’s and HR, we have concluded and with the help of a Frontier engineer that the only VLAN that works on latest 6.3.1 is the native. This is happening after reverting and uploading again numerous times on numerous devices some that are brand new. This is annoying because the only way the device shows online in my utility app is 6.3.x and up. I had a ticket in for this a while back and that was when Frontier also thought it was the firmware. I now think it is as well. I just want to confirm that this is a known issue and if anyone else is having this issue. Also, if this will be resolved in up ad coming 6.3.2?


Frontier is correct and this will be fixed in 6.3.2 firmware which will be available soon.

Awesome thanks!