6.2 GA on b380 and DNS proxy

Hi! I upgraded over weekend and was running 6.2GA firmware on b380 and in this mornig users complained “no internet”
troubleshoting showed DNS issue and I was not able to resolve domains from the LAN on same configuration as it used to work just fine before firmware upgrade.
I also I went ahead and desabled DNS proxy I used to have on on B380 and now everything magically works.
Is it something known already?

Hi Andrey,

Have you try to resolve domain from Balance 380 (Go System > Ping > Select WAN and enter Destination as www.google.com > Start) when users having DNS resolving issue?

it probably whould worked, but may be not for users as on this site I use other DNS server and not from b380

Hi Andrey,

Is this the same unit you opened for ticket 749019?

Please take note latest 6.2 firmware is a RC (Release Candidate) version. It is close to GA but not a GA release.

yep you right, I misred it when downloaded.

Hi Andrey,

I noticed you have upgraded to the provided firmware. Can you re-enable DNS Proxy to confirm still having DNS issue?

will try on weekend, have bunch of Big Boys in the HQ this week.

Thanks Andrey.