5g/wifi network for 60’ private boat

Trying to put in a system to access 5g and wifi data networks on a boat. determine the fastest data speed alternative and distribute it via a wifi network within the boat.

here’s my thoughts… need help filling in the blanks.

use one or two hd1 dome antenna/receivers for the 5g. Two for fusion? Hd2 older slower technology. Use a sim injector via Ethernet cable from antennas. install 1 or 2 wifi antennas (is two helpful?) outside to pick up marina wifi signals and run that into a max transit. context sim injector to transit. What wifi repeater to make sure internal wifi signal reaches all of the boat.
dies this system seem like it would work? Missing anything?

have you looked at any past threads? plenty of boat installations discussed here on the forum in the past…

some thoughts:

  • the domes aren’t 5g
  • 5g is not that useful on a boat… 5g is typically shorter range. perhaps if there is a 5g mini cell on the street next to the marina or the marina is in some major market, might you have a chance at 5g
  • peplink was going to release some new marine equipment, maybe they can share an update, there were rumors it would be an updated dome
  • WiFi as WAN will be important in most marinas that offer WiFi, or if there is public WiFi available. if you go with a dome, that does not have WiFi WAN. some peplink products offer WiFi WAN. otherwise you will need a separate device to manage WiFi WAN, which is yet another piece of equipment to manage (And another web interface)
  • Have something separate handle WiFi LAN. can be something super cheap, its a simple task.
  • one critical thing is to research cellular providers and plans, that offer what you need, and are compatible with the peplink. varies by country. you will need an idea on data usage
  • consider employing speed fusion for security and to smooth WANs
  • consider dual modems with multiple carriers if you really want to ensure you remain connected. research areas that the boat will be used to ensure there is either WiFi or cellular coverage
  • where are you located? have you worked with an established peplink reseller? some specialize in marine applications…

Hello @Rower,
As with Joshua’s note, we’d recommend contacting a locally verified Peplink partner in your area, if you are seeking a Maritime specialist, you can do so using Peplink’s contact form on their website to request a locally active and Peplink Certified Maritime specialist.

I am based in Australia and can assist you if you are in the south pacific region, send us a PM (Private Message).
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: