5G upgrade path for transit duo lte-a pro?

we just bought a Max Transit Duo (LTE-A Pro) and i am wondering if there will be any upgrade path for theses devices with 5G modems? have not seen any on these open, but are they using also standard modem-modules that could be swapped out in the future to become 5G ready?

The Transit is not upgradable. If you want a future prof cellular model that can be upgraded in the future, please consider the MBX, SDX, EPX, Balance 20X or Balance 310X

thx, ok so my guess is we will maybe see a Transit with 5G modem in the future?

FYI - we have settled on the B20x as standard cellular unit. Installing about 40 per month. Only thing I have asked for is to include wall mount ears (it has keyhole slots on the back, which I hate).
Advantages are: Primecare device (low up front, PC includes warrantee and licenses which we need), better wi-fi, including the AP controller license, multiple LAN ports. Gigabit wan/lan. 900M throughput.

are theses permanent installations or mobile installations? we’re using the peplink for events/rental, and we were told that the B20x are not really made for “road” use.

They are permanent installs (restaurants). But I see no issue with the 20x for events. Might want to mount it in a box with external antennas.

1simplephone ([email protected]) has a waterproof “road box” with battery, external display/controls etc for a BR1 or transit. That might be overkill for what you are doing.

I am using one on the “road”. B20x installed in my van, hardwired into ~12V house battery.

One gripe I have is the fact that the CAT4 modem slot is underneath and covered with a screw on plate.

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