5G Flex Module in Balance20X - Not connecting


B20X shipped with 8.1.3 build 5060 FW. On connecting with 2 x Poynting directional 5G antennae, the connection kept skipping from 5G to LTE to LTEA (this is in a good 5G area). There was no option on this firmware to select 5G only (options were ‘Auto’ and ‘LTE Only’).

Upgraded to 8.2.0 build 5141 and things just went downhill. Dashboard showing “Connecting…” but never getting a connection and even stranger, it’s trying to connect at 3G (the module doesn’t support 3G as far as I am aware). I do notice that band selection is available on this FW though!

I rebooted back into 8.13 but the problem persists. I also tried swapping the directionals for the 4 paddle antennae (included with the module), with no luck.

I am unsure if the modem firmware got upgraded along with the B20X, please see screenshots and advise. Many thanks.

You can check if it runs latest firmware by changing the index.cgi to support.cgi in the address bar.


Our units are running a different firmware version, but might be you have a different version of the 5G module as there are several SKU’s for different regions.

Keep in mind most 5G networks in Europe are operating in NSA mode, which you will always need 4G connection as well, so keep those bands active on the Band Selection.

Hi @padaco-daniel

Thanks for the tip on the 4G bands, I will keep these enabled. The firmware on the module is the latest available.

I’ve passed this back to our distibitutor to see if they can take a look.