5G Dome?



I am considering to upgrade a yacht from a separate router + antenna in the mast to a Peplink HD1 or HD2 Dome.

But with 5G half way there now in the world: I couldn’t find a Peplink 5G Dome, am I overlooking something?

thank you.

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There is a 5G dome in the works of course - but no its not been released yet, and there is no official or unofficial timeline for doing so that I have seen.

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Any updates on the 5g domes?

`Several of our installations are using sim injector and hd2 / hd4 max within a defunct TVRO dome. Is that not an option for you

looking for updates on the 5g dome.

Is there a specific dome that works well? Heat inside doesnt become an issue? Thank you.

I see this on the website but with no details. Does anybody have the spec?


Is there a new SIM injector in the works? Dropping the requirement for 56v to 12-24v would really help with yacht installations.

It’s around the corner. June is the month.


The SIM injector works fine on 12V (I have it set up that way on my boat), though 56V is required to do downstream POE.

is a new SIM injector still expected for June? I am waiting and don’t want to purchase one if a new one is going to be released shortly.