5G Backing Up the Retail Industry


An America-based retail company using an internet line and an LTE for backup, found their setup to be insufficient of supporting growing demands. So the company began looking to upgrade their devices to one capable of better backup speeds.


In the retail industry, there is a strong need for stable connectivity as their point of sale, inventory stock, and even customer data cannot afford any downtime. The company currently uses Peplink’s Balance 20X model in five locations, relying on an internet line and an LTE for backup. However, using the LTE for backup was not sufficient for increasing demands. So they returned to Peplink for a newer device that would allow their setup to failover to 5G should there be any disruptions.


Peplink suggested upgrading to Balance 310 5G routers. With SpeedFusion’s Hot Failover technology, this solution allows the retail company to use their existing internet connection while upgrading their failover to 5G. This leads to a better bandwidth and more support for the backup function.

For its inexpensive price, the Balance 310 5G is ideal for multiple large-scale deployments. The retail company can now enjoy better reliability and speed without having to compromise their setup.

Devices Deployed