504 Gateway Time-out while generating token

I was trying to generate an access token and I get this
504 Gateway Time-out

is there any place I can see the health status of you API server, that way I can see if there is any down time

Hello Geekinlinux, can you please let me know which steps you take to see this error?
Please feel free to attach useful screenshots as well.
In case of any privacy concerns, please go ahead and open a support case to get assistance.

I was running python requests my script hung while generating a token, so I used postman to debug then u realised your end point taking toooo much time to respond and finally threw 504 .

What is the uptime of your api server and is there any place I can see health of your api server .


ok I think this is related to this, posted in the partner zone:

Dear Partners and Customers,

In the past 3 days some of you have noticed interruptions to the InControl2 System. Our team has narrowed down the issue to our IAAS provider and we have an open support case with the provider to investigate the cause. As a temporary workaround, we added monitoring and automated services to self restart based on health checks. This allows IC2 service to self-heal in approximately 10 minutes and very rarely needing manual intervention. We are continuing to work with the IaaS team to resolve this issue ASAP. We will keep you posted and thank you for your patience.

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