4G SIM not connecting

I have a peplink balance 310 5G, when i put in a SIM it just stays at status connecting or Obtaining IP address.
I have verified the SIM in my phone and it works fine.
I also tried APN manually (vodafone)
I had it working previously with another SIM
I reset to factory defaults
tried it in every slot
marked as always on
chosen the slot as preferred SIM
The SIM shows full signal strength
In details it recognises provider etc.
Very frustrated

Where are you? Are you sure the APN is right?

In the UK vodafone’s APN is ‘internet’ or ‘wap.vodafone.co.uk’ (I have only ever used ‘internet’).

If you are sure the apn is right then log a ticket with engineering.

Does this SIM card work in for example a phone?