4G Lte MiMo antenna question

Hello new to the forum, hope I can get some great advice and perhaps contribute a little bit.

My wife and I are avid part-time RVers for the past 4-5 years. We are currently planning on RVing possibly for a year and a half, we have purchased a Netgear Nighthawk M1, 4G cellar hot spot which has the TS9 connectors for an external antenna. I am looking to get an Omni directional roof antenna for around $200. My question is; my Nighthawk M1 has four internal antennas but only two TS9 connectors For external antennas. I understand I will be using only 2 antennas if I use the externals, This is something I plan on doing only if my signal and speeds are poor due to our location. I see peplink has antennas Such as the Pepwave 5-in-1 Dome Antenna for LTE/GPS - QMA, for GPS and 4 internal antennas, it seems to have multiple wires coming from it. If this device will work for my situation how do I connect the 4 wires for the Mimo antennas? Is there a splitter/combiner? What is QMA? Can QMA adapt to TS9? Or should I be looking at a different model for my application?

Hope some of you have advice. We don’t want a cell booster, we want to first start out with a Mimo external, Omni directional antenna. We do not need cellular service for professional or business usage, only to set up a device to monitor our RVs temperature for our dog, possibly a security system and streaming Netflix etc.


John C